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Head of the department:Hassanali Mofidi (Mr.)
Tel: +98-31-46299220
Tasks and responsibilities:
bullet ball bluePlanning and creating organizational development policies and increasing job opportunities
bullet ball blueCreating, planning, implementing and integrating the strategic paths of the organization
bullet ball blueKnowing customers and markets

Production Management

Head of the department: Hadi Abedi (Mr.)
Tel: +98-31-46299220 Ext. 1
Tasks and Responsibilities include:
bullet ball blueGiving guidelines to production activities in order for meeting organization goals
bullet ball blueSupervision on production lines
bullet ball blueMonitor and follow up daily production reports and follow up non-compliance
bullet ball blueSupervise the observance of production standards
bullet ball blueGuiding personnel and affiliated forces in order to achieve organizational goals in this unit
bullet ball blueMonitoring the production process of current products in quantitative terms and presenting a plan to reduce losses and unplanned outages
bullet ball bluePredicting customer requests and estimating the production materials needed for production
bullet ball blueIssuing a list of materials required for production and presenting it to commercial affairs and following up on their timely supply

Technical Research and Development

Head of the department: Mahdi Erjaki (Mr.)
Tel: +98-31-46299220 Ext. 3
Tasks and Responsibilities are to:
bullet ball blueDesign High-Tech Products
bullet ball blueDevelop and Complete Projects.
bullet ball blueDevelop Ideas For, Manage, and Lead Projects Until They Become Real Products.
bullet ball blueLead Project Teams.
bullet ball blueDesign Project Plans.
bullet ball blueResearch
bullet ball blueCollaborate

Accounting and Finance

Head of the department:Bandeali (Mrs.)
Tel: +98-31-46299220 Ext. 4
Tasks and Responsibilities include :
bullet ball blueBookkeeping
bullet ball blueFinancial accounting
bullet ball blueManagement of financial systems
bullet ball blueManagement of company’s cash flow
bullet ball blueBudgets and forecasting
bullet ball blueAdvising and sourcing longer-term financing
bullet ball blueManagement of Taxes
bullet ball blueManagement of Company’s Investments
bullet ball blueFinancial Reporting and analysis

Sales and Marketing

Head of the department:Ali Sajedi (Mr.)
Contact Details:
Tel : +98-31-46299220
Cell : +98-913-1230072
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tasks and Responsibilities :
bullet ball blueEngage in superior customer service by making information readily available
bullet ball bluePersists in sales
bullet ball blueDemonstrate products and services as deemed necessary by clients and management
bullet ball blueSchedules appointments and meetings as necessary
bullet ball blueMake product knowledge readily available to self and other sales people through various resources
bullet ball blueResearch client’s base to find new types of customers
bullet ball blueCreate a plan for gaining customers and then retaining them based on warranties or guarantees
bullet ball blueAnalyze and create a plan for engaging the target market
bullet ball blueAnalyze the competition
bullet ball blueTrain other sales people in the art of selling
bullet ball blueSet up booths at trade shows and demonstrate the quality or uses of a product
bullet ball blueDemonstrate superior time management skills and meet sales deadlines

The first and only manufacturer of orbitrol valve, solenoid valve and hydraulic motor in Iran

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location iconAddress : Between 26 and 28th alleys, Kohandezh Street, Isfahan, Iran
tell icon2 Telephone : (+9831) 46299220
mobile iconCell phone: +98-9131230072

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